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Oh my~

Oh hey!

I do still live around here. It's just been a strange spring, and busy. I now have a nice shiny degree that only took me *mumblemumble* years to attain.

I was a bit down in the dumps because I had to make the hard decision not to go to Wiscon this year due to financial constraints. I'm not sure how that'll effect me, since Wiscon has become my power-up for each year. I miss seeing my friends that I only see once a year, I miss the farmer's market and all the food along State St. and I miss all the writer talk I get to indulge in that I need an outlet for so I don't drive my non-writer friends up a tree. I told myself that it'd be okay, because I may be missing Wiscon, but this is the year we go to THE BIG SHOW.

I'm going back to San Diego Comic Con this year! I've been excited since I called my brother(while he was there) and said "Get pre reg tickets for me and Y we are going to re-live the nerd herd days!" This will be my first Comic Con as a civilian and I can't wait!!! *snoopydance*

Still writing like a fiend, and trying to work on this book I'm co-authoring with a friend. We finished the rough draft ages ago, but there was a huge plot element that needed some serious fixing. This prompted a re-write of certain parts, and well...I'll get into that later because I need a little help with some honest critique.

Cats are doing well, Young has been building a giant Chocobo in the living room and I've addicted my mom to making/selling things on Etsy.

I'm also now job-hunting like crazy, I want something in publishing--anything-- mailroom, you name it.

So happy June! I'm now off to Sonic Happy Hour, they have a new Lemonade sparkler that's super sour and fizzy. My favorite combination!



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Jun. 2nd, 2010 01:50 am (UTC)
We did miss you at Wiscon.

I hope you have a great time at SDCC to make up for it.

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