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Internet diet

Once I’m finished with this post I’m turning off my computer for the rest of the day. I swear I went on some kind of mindless browsing binge this weekend and it has spilled over into the week and that is not good.

I don’t want to think of the time I wasted when I could be writing or doing other productive things. I’ve even gone so far as to install this Freedom program http://macfreedom.com/ to keep me on task when I do open the laptop up later today to get some real writing done.

I also need to get a haircut, soon. For I am totally rocking the Hermione at the moment.

So farewell, farewell twitter-feed, FB and all those other lovely time wasters. I’ll see you on the other side.*

And now a picture, because pictures are always nice.



A few years ago at the Japanese gardens.

*hopefully with something new to share.