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I still can't believe they closed schools here because the temperature was in the teens*.

I used to wait for the bus in weather like that.

I was the first kid on the bus in the morning, and I remember one bus driver always would have me sit on this little platform that was by the driver's seat since usually the bus wasn't warmed up all the way. I was also the last kid off the bus. My mom will still talk about how I spent 2 hours on the bus my first two years of school. I didn't ever mind, or at least I don't remember minding. I'd play with friends, read or on rare occasions napped until we arrived at school. We also had some great bus drivers. I remember one would bring a cooler full of sodas on Fridays.

*No, it wasn't even snowing, just cold.

Happy New Year!

How did I ring in the new year? I made rings! I'll post pictures tomorrow when I can get some natural light and re-charge my camera batteries.

Here's hoping 2010 will be kind.

So much to do!

Yet, here I am posting to LJ.

Working on getting a revision of a story done for my final portfolio for class. In my professor's critique it was suggested I have the male come to the MC's rescue, but I'm really not feeling that at all. I think I have a good idea how to make this thing work without that.

It would also help if the kitties didn't all feel the need to snuggle between me and the laptop.

I have coffee so I guess it's back to the revision cave with me! *capethrow*
Today in poetry class we were suddenly interrupted by a movie they were watching in the room next door.

An odd-sounding voice began a count-down that was at first hard to figure out where the sound was coming from.

Everyone automatically looked right at me.

I guess I have some kind of reputation to uphold now.

What I should be doing...

...is cleaning.
My room is a mess, my desk is a disaster area. There is barely room for the cats to sit, but they don't care.

Status Report:

Room: Sporting that post-pillage look
Reading: The New Space Opera 2 Anthology
Drinking: Spice tea (you know, the stuff with the tang and instant tea?)
Nails: Russian Navy (this is something new)
bpal: Fenris Wolf
Writing: Not so much today, but will get the words in before bed.

I think that works for a post. Also, cleared off two shelves to make room for more books at work. Figures can hang up, shelves are for books.

Mind the gap!

I haven't posted in a while because school took a big chunk out of my butt last week. Also, my work schedule was finally upped a bit.
I'm pretty behind in both my nano and jonowrimo goals. I did however reach the 10,000 word escape velocity for one of my in progress works. Yay!

Right now it's a little hard to type since one of the kitties has decided she's awake and really needs to lean between me and the lap top, along with knocking whatever she can off the table.

I feel like I owe the LJ-verse a picture post or something of that manner. So tonight I'll do my best to find something interesting.

It was crazy foggy this morning, gorgeous!

Weaksauce Wednesday

I am beat, but also inspired. My story was finally up for critique and the written/typed crit I got from my prof was like having my literary ass handed to me.

I'm so happy!

Seriously, I would rather someone go in, unravel my story and poke at its tender weak points. I need to vaccinate myself against comma splice as well. ouch. I will admit that it wasn't my best work by far, and the things I figured they'd poke at, they did. Sure it stings a little, but it's the good kind of hurt.

No tiny story tonight. Story tomorrow. There's always a story tomorrow...

My Secret Power

(Thanks to boxie it's not an actual story, but something I've been meaning dork around about) 
Everybody has one right? At least I'd like to believe so. It doesn't have to be anything like the usual flying, telepathy and super strength.

But does your secret power have a name? Mine does!

Now the first rule of secret powers like this is that you can't name it yourself, someone else has to name it.

My secret power is a vast and terrifying knowledge of all things weird and trivial. One of my specialties is wonderously horrible scifi/fantasy films of the 70's and 80's. I love them with the heat of a thousand toaster ovens!

Here is the story of how my secret power was named.

So I used to work at an anime company and the art dept had just received art from the Japanese covers of Sunabozu, or Desert Punk. Each one parodied a different movie poster and all of them had been guessed but one; something with crazy armored motorcycles and boxy tanks rolling though the desert.

They were stumped.

Then, Young suggested someone take the cover to show to me, just because he's been subjected to my questionable taste in fine cinema.

"I know this movie! I've seen it! Augh! What is it." Then it came to me.


So now, anytime I end up knowing the answer to something obscure, my friend Sophie pumps her fists in the air and shouts "MEGAFORCE!"

And that is how my secret power was named.

What's your secret power? (yeah, I know by stating it, it's not much of a secret anymore, but we're all friends here.)

(Now all I need is one of those gold jumpsuits and a sweet headband)


Same as Monday, leave me something to write about, and I will.

Today was dead car battery day. We unhooked the old one, exchanged it, put in the new one and had a "Bring me my brown pants" moment when the car alarm decided it lived once again.

Young: *deftly tightens last battery connection*
Car: HONK!
Both of us: *return from low earth orbit*

Monday's Stories

So here goes my experiment! I'm not saying they're great, but they certainly were fun! They're pretty much first drafts, I just opened open office and started typing.
First Prompt from bluemalibu
I would like you to write about what you would do if you found two black kittens on your doorstep today :)
Pressing her thumb to the box allowed the delivery to be transmitted and registered at the farm. She lifted the box from the porch and carefully carried it into the living room. The print recognition also served as the key to begin the opening of the box. A warm breeze lifted her hair as she pulled the lid free and gasped in wonder.

They were just as she had specified, little tufts of black fuzz poking out from the green pod they'd been grown in. She carefully disconnected the stem from the box and pulled the warm, now vibrating pod from it's container. Deftly splitting the center seam, two sets of little pointed ears emerged and blue eyes that would not turn for another week blinked sleepily at the large orange cat that had come to stare over her shoulder.

“See Momo, now you won't be so lonely.” The cat butted her shoulder as she pulled each rumbling bundle from their shared pod for Momo to give a welcoming sniff as they wobbled on the blanket she'd prepared ahead of time.

It was always best to order two.

The second from boxie (who I would totally write a Megaforce crackfic for, just cuz)
how about a quickie about a princess that doesn't need a prince to establish her identity.
Crystalline tears glittered in the sun as they traced down her porcelain skin. Eyes that were once full of light and life, were now full of sorrow. The thin shift they'd dressed her in clung to every curve of her nubile body. She had stopped struggling hours ago, and now it was only the flowers that adorned her hair, which spilled in copper ringlets down her back, was masking the smell of charred flesh.

She had screamed at the approach of the dragon, but now stared in shocked silence as a girl hopped from the back of the blue-scaled dragon and looked at the smoldering pile with disdain.

“Ugh, It's all a game to them isn't it. The well-muscled ones smell the worst.” She pulled a knife from her belt and approached the wide-eyed captive, “I'm from the PLF, Princess Liberation Front and I'm here to make you an offer.”

“An offer?” The Princess looked over her shoulder as the sounds of metal clicking on metal came from behind her.

“What a bunch of amateurs. Seriously, whatever happened to good old-fashioned knots,” there was a click and the Princess shook the manacles from her slender wrists, “you put up a good fight, I can tell you tried to break a hand there.”

The Princess shrugged her ivory shoulders, “I didn't know what else to do. You said you had an offer?”

“Yes, join our front and free others such as yourself, you'll get decent clothes,” She cut her eyes to the flimsy shift and walked over her mount to grab a long jacket that she flung over to the Princess, “and learn to ride a dragon.” She grinned and pushed a lock of sandy hair from her eyes.

The Princess sighed, confusion written across her high cheekbones and reflecting in her violet-amber eyes.

“You'll be better written.” She said, waving a bit of prince jerky at the dragon as it bent to have it's ear tufts scritched.

“I'm in.”


Here's the story
It's not all rabbits and apples

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